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In a few words

Born and raised in Bolivia, I am a enthusiastic Entrepreneur and Product Marketer that graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA '17). Moreover, I am an Apple, Google, Microsoft and Xerox Scholar.

In 2015, I started Flux Ventures, a holdings company that created many brands such as Flux Chargers, and Young Slacker Media. I now serve as the Chairman of Flux Ventures.

In my part-time, I am a (small) Angel Investor in Everipedia (world's largest encyclopedia with more pages than Wikipedia) and Snapwire (custom image platform). I also just launched a startup incubator in Bolivia called 6BLabs.

I also started Future Sharks (interviews to entrepreneurs). Lastly, I like rapping under my rapper name Young Slacker.

My Skills

Fluent in Spanish, English, German
Project Management (Built Flux Ventures)
PR and SEO (My blogs get 250k visits/mo)
Growth Marketing
Cooking Vegan Meals (yummm)
Teach you how to sell anything

Less dreaming, more doing.

Flux Ventures Timeline

I'm the founder of Flux Ventures, a group of varios Flux companies. Find out about the history of each of them here.

  • Flux Chargers
    The company that started it all
    After going through the StartupUCLA accelerator, me and Miles Anthony launched this portable charger brand that has sold in 91 countries and is rated among the best in class by Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends and others.

    June 2015
  • Flux.LA
    A digital marketing and SEO agency
    We noticed that a big part of the success of Flux Chargers was due to our strong SEO and powerful press releases so we decided to offer these as a service for other companies.

    January 2016
  • Flux Capital
    Venture Capital arm
    We decided to invest the revenues that Flux Chargers and Flux.LA were bringing into startups, large cap stocks and BTC. We created an algorithm to trade cyrptocurrencies using machine learning.

    March 2016
  • I forgot to tell you
    In between those projects, I was reading about psychology, sales and search engine optimization, every day. Also, I got really into rap.

  • Young Slacker
    My Rapper Alter Ego
    I entered the Snapchat game pretty late (2015) but I quickly gained some popularity because of my eccentric snaps. I created Young Slacker Media as my main publishing company to run promotions and viral content. I'm also working on my first EP

    August 2016
  • Future Sharks
    Learning from top entrepreneurs
    Throughout this journey, I've met some awesome people that taught me a lot. I created this site as a platform for them to share their stories and knowledge. We've grown this platform to feature hundreds of entrepreneurs and contributors.

    March 2017
  • 6B Labs
    Startup Incubator in Bolivia
    Many of the entrepreneurial opportunities I had where because I was in the US surrounded by many talented and motivated individuals. I wanted to create a similar ecosystem in my hometown Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

    May 2018

Facts about me

Online Businesses
years old
visitors per month on all my sites
I bet I can make you laugh in less than 5.73 seconds.

"Where there's a will, there's a way"

- English Proverb -

Let's connect.

To buy Flux Chargers, contact -sales(@)fluxchargers[.]com or go to our website.

The only opportunities I am open to are networking, investments and jobs.

P.S.: Don't contact me for social media verification, selling me web development services, etc; I will just delete your email.