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I am Alejandro Rioja, a serial entrepreneur that created Flux Ventures and Young Slacker (among other things, read more about me).

I’ve spent the last 7 years learning all I could about digital marketing.

In this round-up, you will find my best marketing and growth posts as of 2020.

These are the same techniques I use on my 13 blogs.

I divided each section from beginner to advanced.

If you work through these guides, you will learn how I currently get over 500,000 organic visitors per month on my blogs, how I scaled Flux Chargers to $110,000/mo in sales and more!

If you are a beginner I suggest you work your way from the top to the bottom. (Bookmark this page for future reference!)

If you already have some working knowledge, jump directly to the [medium – advanced] posts.

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Pro tip: the articles with the 🔥 are the most popular ones.

My most popular posts with more than 1M reads

  1. 🔥 How to increase your traffic to 250k/mo [beginner to advanced]
  2. ☑️ How to get verified on Instagram [medium]
  3. The Highest CPC keywords out there [medium]

These are my favorite tools

  1. Absolute Must Haves
    • Canva (design beautiful things)
    • G-suite (for gmail, google drive, etc)
    • 🔥 Lastpass (don’t use easy passwords ever again!)
    • Calendly (stop wasting time finding times for meetings)
    • Slack (why use anything else to communicate with your team?)
    • 🔥 Alfred (seriously the best $30 I’ve spent. Just get it.)
    • 🔥 Zapier (automate your entire work)
  2. Outsourcing
  3. Marketers secret weapons (you will have to click on them to find out what they do 🤫)
  4. Ecommerce Tools
  5. SEO tools
    • I’m an Ahrefs junkie, but can’t go wrong with SEMrush either.
  6. Productivity
  7. Hosting (trust me, I tried them all. I’m currently on Cloudways)
  8. Speed up your site
  9. Others

Best SEO Articles

  1. What is SEO? [beginner]
  2. On-Page SEO Factors [medium]
  3. Off-Page SEO Factors [medium]
  4. How to do keyword research [beginner to medium]
  5. A list of SEO tools [medium, optional]
  6. 🔥 How to do SEO [advanced]
  7. Others

Best E-commerce Guides

  1. How to Setup Your First E-commerce Store [beginner]
  2. Which Ecommerce Platform to Pick? [beginner]
  3. 🔥 How to make a million dollars with your e-commerce store [beginner to advanced]
  4. How to rank on Amazon: Amazon SEO [medium]

My Favorite Social Media Tricks

  1. 🔥 How to go viral on Linkedin [medium]
  2. Twitter scripts for growth [medium]
  3. Verifications
  4. Get more Snapchat followers [beginner to advanced]
  5. Youtube SEO [medium]
  6. IG instagram caption ideas [beginner]

Random Facebook tricks

  1. 🔥 Invite all your friends to like a page on Facebook [beginner]
  2. How to change your FB page name [beginner]
  3. How to delete/deactivate your Facebook/Messenger [beginner]
  4. Reverse image search on Facebook [beginner]

My Best Business & Mindset articles

  1. 🔥 How to be a productive machine [beginner to advanced]
  2. How to Pick a Niche [beginner]
  3. 🔥 How to Scale Your Business [beginner to medium]
  4. 🔥 How to Sell Anything [beginner to advanced]
  5. How to get written up on Forbes, Mashable and Huffington Post [medium]

How Startups make money

If you have a startup (or are thinking of starting one!), I think it’s very useful to understand the monetization models of other startups, that way you can learn how to take yours to profitability! Here are my favorite ones:

  1. Facebook’s monetization strategy [beginner]
  2. How does Google make money? [beginner]
  3. This just in: Snapchat is in trouble [beginner]
  4. Instagram’s revenue model [beginner]
  5. Robinhood’s $0 trades model [beginner]
  6. Whatsapp’s data is worth $19B [beginner]
  7. Discord money making plans [beginner]
  8. Pinterest revenue model [beginner]
  9. Twitter’s revenue strategy [beginner]

If you liked these articles, leave a comment below or message me on FB and tell me which article I should write next!

Feel free to connect with me on any social media (send me a short message telling me where you found me!)

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