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🚀 Grow your business 🚀Hey there!

If you’re struggling with sales or need a boost in traffic, I’m your guy.

Over the past few years, I’ve built several successful companies under my parent company Flux Ventures which include an ecommerce shop for portable chargers called Flux Chargers, a superb digital marketing agency called Flux.LA and a series of other websites such as Future Sharks

Me and my companies have gotten tons of press including NBC, Inc, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Fox, and others. (Read more about me).

Lastly, I have also received multiple scholarships from Apple, Microsoft, Google and Xerox.

The secret?

I work hard (14+ hours a day) and I love what I do. I also like to do things efficiently

I care about learning everyday and keeping a sharp focus on my goals.

In short, I focus on delivering results and not promises.


Here are the areas that I am most experienced in (with examples to show that I know what I am talking about):


Work with me

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What to contact me about:

  • SEO, SEM, PR
  • Guest Posting, Link building (read this)
  • Consulting, Speaking gigs (read this)

What to not contact me about:

  • Social Media Verifications
  • Inheritance from a Cambodian King



Looking forward to your message. 

If you still unsure about the Flux process, read my top SEO tips, how I found a niche (written on the Huffington Post blog), and how I stay productive.