The Best SEO Tools for 2020 (Free and Paid)

Best SEO Tools
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  1. David T. says:

    super solid list, thanks a lot for making this alejandro

  2. Kegan Lee says:

    I think you should also look into HitTail, they have a very good kw suggestion tool

  3. Liam Reiner says:

    this is truly a super solid list of seo tools in 2018. I use a few of the tools you list in here and I can vouch for their extreme usefulness. I like semrush a lot.

  4. Ailsa says:

    Good list here, thank you.
    Buzzsumo is a great tool.
    Have you also tried Site Analyzer? They have a good page analysis and keyword suggestion tool.

  5. Marina says:

    Good job on a very nice list!
    I recommend you also try Morningscore from morningscore.io.
    It’s a new tool that is in Beta now and will be launched in about 2 weeks from now (early September 2018). It’s a bit different than all the other tools since its main metric shows you the value of your organic traffic and the keywords, links, and traffic that went into creating it.

  6. Bikas Chanda says:

    Nice list Alejandro. For your collection, I would like to suggest another managed SEO dashboard called DataBip , please have a look https://www.datablip.com/

  7. seo a2 says:

    SEOquake is a SEO tool available as browser addon for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers. It provides SEO related information for any website. These information parameters include page rank, age, last updated, alexa rank, and many other parameters. It is one of the most downloaded browser addon by SEO professionals.
    Apart from that, SEOquake toolbar can show you all these parameters for all the search results. This information can be extremely useful if you are gauging competition for different keywords. You can even download search results in CSV format and prepare your own excel sheets of search data.
    website: https://www.seoquake.com/index.html

  8. Spencer says:

    Great list. I will definitely share it on FB,
    My favorite tool that makes outranking the competition on search engines much easier than any other tool in existence is, I discovered it via twitter! https://www.whoranksfor.com

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