How To Add A Google Knowledge Panel For Your Brand?

The Google Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph is one of the tools available from Google to assist you in directing your visitors to your website

When people search for your brand, Google displays your page on the right side of the first search result page if you have a Knowledge Panel.

This is what a Knowledge Panel looks like!

Here is how to add a Google Knowledge Panel

Use Metadata to provide Google data about you and your business


Create a website or an online page that will represent your brand or business


Make sure to incorporate SEO to your website to help Google know more about your brand and business


Update your social media pages constantly


Update your social media pages constantly. you can create a Wikipedia page or Author page for Google to view.

Don’t forget to verify your Google Knowledge Panel so people know it’s your site.


If you want to maximize your Google presence, having a Knowledge Panel connected to your business is the best.