Here is some of the press that me and my companies have received

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to share my story and startups in over 70+ sites so more people can learn about my personal life and my future plans with Young SlackerFlux Chargers, Future Sharks and Flux Ventures. Below are some of those places (I bolded my favorite ones).

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Forbes magazine featuring Alejandro Rioja

English articles:

  1. Inc: How This UCLA Grad Plans to Become the President of Bolivia also featured on Linkedin Pulse Channels for Entrepreneurship, Latin America, Career, Education and Technology: This UCLA Grad is Taking Silicon Valley By Storm (He also plans to become President of Bolivia)
  2. Inc: The Shortest Path to $1 Million in E-Commerce Business
  3. The Tab: Meet Alejandro Rioja: Bruin by day, entrepreneur by night
  4. Sociable: Bolivia-born CEO Goes From Street Peddling Portable Chargers to Dominating Global Market in 18 months
  5. XMarketingPro: “SEO is my passion” says Alejandro Rioja
  6. Tech.co: Marketing on Too Many Platforms Can Lead to a Lack of Focus
  7. TheTab: Meet the UCLA students dominating the start-up world
  8. Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington’s new firm): Alejandro Rioja: “I think what really characterizes me is how much work I put in” and 5 Ways to Stay Focused During Tedious Tasks and Maximize Your Productivity.
  9. DailyBruin: Student startup Flux charged for future with portable battery
  10. StartupSavant: Alejandro Rioja, A Multi-passionate Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Young Slacker, Flux.LA and Flux Ventures, LLC
  11. Business Collective: Networking Advice From Alejandro Rioja, CEO of Flux Ventures and Meet Alejandro
  12. Tell Me Nothing: Alejandro Rioja: Bolivian, Passionate Entrepreneur, Investor And More
  13. The Startup Mag: Using Business Skills In The Real World Through The Eyes Of Flux Ventures Ceo, Alejandro Rioja
  14. Disrupt: SEO transformed Flux Chargers. Alejandro Rioja shares his story
  15. Rahul Digital: An Interview With Alejandro Rioja Founder Of Young Slacker And Flux Ventures
  16. KivoDaily: Meet Alejandro Rioja: The Young Entrepreneur Crushing The SEO Industry
  17. ImprintLab: 8 Questions with Alejandro Rioja
  18. Entrepreneur News: Meet Alejandro Rioja: The Young Entrepreneur Behind The Success Of Flux Chargers
  19. Naven Pillai: Top 28 SEO Blogs To Read in 2019
  20. Buzzfeed: 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Alejandro Rioja

Quoted here:

  1. Databox: Lowering Facebook CPL, Improving Ecomm Conversion Rate, YT SEO tips, Boost Organic CTR, SEO Metrics to track, Slack apps, Leveraging KPIs and OKRs, New vs. Returning Visitors: finding the right balance, 23 Tips for Tracking Sales Activity with HubSpot CRM, How to use UTM codes in Google Analytics, Facebook Video Ads, Google analytics goals, What is page per session and how to improve it, How to improve posts engagement on Facebook page.
  2. ThirdRock Techkno: Expert Insights: How to Start a Tech Business as a Non-Techie Co-Founder
  3. The Art of Service: Trusted remote team management routine

Audio interviews:

  1. iHeart Radio: Interview entrepreneur Alejandro Rioja
  2. Mixergy: How Flux Chargers got traction

Video Interviews:

  1. Ontraport – Modern Ontrapreneur: Youth Does Not Equal Inexperience (transcript here)

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Spanish articles (Artículos en español):

  1. Forbes Bolivia (also in print): El Nerd 
  2. Página Siete: El boliviano que creó una empresa de cargadores de celulares y hoy gana millones
  3. EjuTV: Alejandro Rioja Manrique: En dos años, Rioja pasó de vendedor callejero a millonario
  4. Correos del Sur: El joven que quiere ser presidente en 2050 — “Yo quiero trabajar en mis propios proyectos, no para alguien” — “La mejor forma de conectar con las personas es ofreciéndoles algo de valor para ellas”
  5. SoyEmprendedor: Joven boliviano crea una gran empresa
  6. El Deber: Otro boliviano exitoso en el exterior gracias a la tecnología
  7. RC Bolivia: Alejandro Rioja, boliviano, vendedor ambulante de cargadores portátiles que ingresa al mercado mundial
  8. ATB: Conoce al joven boliviano que inició un emprendimiento en EEUU que lo llevó al éxito
  9. Adicto al éxito: Cómo Empezar Una Empresa Exitosa Con Alejandro Rioja
  10. Opinion Bolivia: Alejandro crea un cargador y se vende en 80 países


  1. Que No Me Pierda: Con Alejandro Rioja

Press about my startups and projects

  1. WatchMeTalk (a free Google Glass app for the hearing impaired that provided them with closed captioning on their Google Glass display) was featured in the BBC, Gazelle and was one of the main attractions at the 2015 Deaf Conference in Atlanta.
  2. Flux Chargers (a sleek portable charger) has been ranked #1 in the world by sites like Yahoo Tech, Mashable, Engadget, and a ton of other big sites.
  3. Poos Caboose (a mobile game) was featured in 155 countries on the App Store, and was covered by Adicto Al Exito and El Episodio.
  4. 6BLabs (my startup incubator in Bolivia) was covered by Pagina7, Opinion, Join4It, Bolivia Emprende, EjuTV, Correos Del Sur, and others.

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