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    1. ayyyy, thanks! hope you can share it with a friend 🙂

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  14. Hola Alejandro,

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    1. Gracias Emma, me alegro que mis artículos te hayan inspirado. Si quieres trabajar conmigo podes contactarme aqui: https://alejandrorioja.com/blog/grow-your-business/

  15. James says:

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    1. Thank you stopping by! Just sent you an email, looking forward to working together!

  16. Kimberly says:

    Really helpful Alexa tips, Alejandro. Thank you! You look exceedingly young, but I’m going to trust you on this anyway. After all, I found you because you’re obviously doing something right to rank so high in Google. 🙂

  17. justin43g says:

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  18. Evan Lofte (SEO) says:

    thanks for these articles. I am half way through your list and it’s been nothing but solid advice.

    1. don’t forget to share it with a friend! I am sure they will also find value in it

  19. amy says:

    holy shit, this list is straight fire

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