Hire Me To Speak

Train Your Team

Enable your team. Want me to coach your company on the most advanced digital marketing techniques to help your company sell more and enhance your brand?

Topics I can talk about:

  1. SEO (how to rank highly on Google with semi-automated tools)
  2. Motivational (taking about my story coming from Bolivia and building Flux)
  3. PR (how to get the press to listen to what you have to say)
  4. Social Media (how the influencers engineer their success to the top)
  5. Culture (how to build a company culture that is enviable)
  6. Ecommerce (how we scaled Flux Chargers)

Big Conferences

Are you hosting an information-packed event where attendees are expecting to learn a ton and go back to implement all the techniques they learned?

I can prepare short 30-45 min presentations where we go over the main steps and secrets that I’ve learned over the years. I can also prepare 2-4 hour seminars where we delve deeper into more advanced tactics and steps.

Private Groups / Teams

Ready to give your employees an edge when it comes to digital marketing? Having a top growth hacker internally at your company can take your from average results to results you didn’t think were possible.

Let me spend a few hours with your team, motivate them and teach the skills and show them the tools to optimize their work and produce more.

Pro Bono Talks

I love teaching. When I was getting started, there were many people who spoke in front of me that taught me many invaluable things. Now it’s my time to pay it back. I love speaking in front of younger crowds that might be considering doing entrepreneurship and inspiring them to take that leap of faith.

Examples of talks:

  1. Ontrapalooza – How to Make a Million-Dollar Ecommerce Store
  2. Parent Heart Watch – 3 Easy SEO tips for Small Business Owners and How to go VIRAL on social media
  3. TedX – Video coming soon!

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