How to Build a Profitable Business. Flux Chargers story: From street selling to $110k/mo and 91 countries

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  1. Emma linden says:

    very well written guide Alejandro! Been following you and Flux for a few months now and i’m glad that you guys are killing it!

  2. Guillermo says:

    the last part about the mastermind groups and outlearning your competition was really motivational. Every day I wake up and I don’t leave my bed until I get a hustle mentality on. You need to be ready to take the world on. Keep hustlin’ my friend.

    1. Learning is the most important part of this whole process. If you’re not learning and advancing yourself, you’re letting the competition get ahead.

  3. @bulkupfitness says:

    I am opening up my gym later this month and I wanted to attract people through instagram, do you have any tips there?

    1. yes, we wrote a more comprehensive guide on getting Instagram followers here: http://flux.la/how-to-get-thousands-of-instagram-followers/

  4. lori_des says:

    How do you prevent the big guys to copy you and take you out of business?
    Do you need to constantly modify your product?

    1. Here’s where things like patents, network effects and a strong brand come into play. As you can see the fight between Apple Inc. and Samsung, they always improve their smartphones and respond to what the other company is releasing. In business, being stagnant is dangerous. Once you dominate a niche, you need to expand towards other segments of the market and keep growing.

  5. Chris Orcutt says:

    Thanks for writing Alejandro!

    When it comes to tools, which ones have proven invaluable (and resulted in you paying for them)?

    When is comes to learning, how do you weed through all the Google results?

  6. Thanks for writing this Alejandro, and for speaking about all of it in a way that is real.

  7. OSCAR PAZ says:

    Hi Alejandro , my name is Oscar Paz. I have been working for the last months in one business project that I have in mind, and exploring on internet I found your name and your inspired history, I am studying here in the States like you did , and I am from Bolivia as well, from the same city Santa Cruz de la Sierra, I am very proud that a Bolivian young guy like you is killing the market and opening doors for many others. Please I really would like to contact you

    1. Nice meeting you! I’ll be in SCZ at the end of this month for Tedx Don Bosco, hit me up!

  8. Indiabizlist says:

    Such a great explain about product marketing and strategy. And i like the idea of your FLUX. By the way you are providing amazing service. Thank you for that

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