💰 Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches [2019]

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  1. P49 says:

    thanks for putting together this list of keywords! highly appreciate it.

  2. Bryson says:

    I used these tips and my cpc went from $0.20 to $~10. Amazing!! Thanks a lot bro

    1. Very Nice Article
      Keep Up The Good Work

  3. Bryson says:

    I used these tips and my cpc went from $0.20 to $~10. Amazing!! Thanks a lot bro

  4. Thank You For Sharing Very Helpful For Me

  5. good article man your doing great job

    1. Pritam paul says:

      Hello Alejandro Rioja thank you for this precious article. Also I checked your new blog theinsurancenerd nice work bro.

      Actually I need some advice from you. Since you are expert in SEO and earning field I will not lie anything.

      My income from the actual blog is very poor nearly neglible. So created another topic where I exchange ad clicks and earn little bit not that much since low Cpc keywords.

      Now I created a blog on insurance niche and wrote so far two good articles and luckily the keyword which I as about to Target it is showing.

      Now problem is since keyword is very high competitive it’s nearly impossible for me in my whole life to rank #1 in google.

      So if I exchange Adclicks on those Target ad in an interval say 3 times in a month from same person…….will I get banned since (traffic is social traffic) or you can say reffral traffic from another post.

      Also if someone clicks my ad since Cpc is huge also competition tough but my traffic is social or referral traffic.. will google pay me?

      Please I want to know. Waiting for your reply brother.

  6. Billy says:

    thanks alot for sharing, its very helpful..
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    High CPC Keywords
    The high CPC keyword was “Mesothelioma“. This keyword was worth of $100 per click. You can earn from the Google
    AdSense High CPC Keywords by using them in your post and can write articles on those keywords.

    1. thanks for sharing and adding to the conversation.

  7. Manjeet says:

    Thanks for sharing this information

  8. pakar seo says:

    I learn much about adsense in this post. Nice article, kept posting buddy ^_^

  9. thanks for Bonus #2: Unlock even more revenue by blocking low CPC ads

    1. let me know if it worked! Try setting up an experiment

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  11. Arinze says:

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  12. Joseph says:

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  13. Jaratunes says:

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  14. Jack Krauser says:


    I run a small website related to free movies and tv shows torrents. What are some good keywords for my website to earn a good amount. Also the keywords you explain in this article are useful to only organic traffic or it work same for social media traffic such as facebook. Thank You.

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    1. Kisheo says:

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  16. Afreen says:

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  17. Alexa Hindi says:

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  22. jhon dalton says:

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  23. Victor Noah says:

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  24. Miran Hamid says:

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  25. Salman Khan says:

    very nice detailed article.. thank you
    can we use this technique ? use VPN and click the ads ourselves ? how well this technique works? can you please tell ?

  26. Thanks. I used Keyword Planner, SEMRush to find the cpc of my queries, by integrating Search Console. But the data which it shows and the revenue I get seem to mismatch.

    If I am ranking #1 for a high cpc keyword, will i get the approximate revenue as the CPC says in different tools. My CPC is going down for the past 1 month. Why this is happening. Please check my site and let me know.

  27. Google auto ads gives more CPC because it places ads according to content and content niche. Thank you for sharing this post. This is very helpful for me to increase my adsense CPC

  28. Ratan Kumar says:

    great insight on AdSense. I am wondering if you can add some more long tail keywords on different categories.

  29. Suman Malik says:

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  32. Freedygist says:

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  33. Nirmal says:

    Do i need to create specific blog to get high cpc?

  34. Rahul says:

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  35. Tapan Soni says:

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  38. Banti Sharma says:

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  41. Rajib says:

    Very helpful post

  42. Rlm says:

    I no longer see “Allow and Block Ads” section in my AdSense account, therefore cannot see how well each Ad Category is performing. Help please!

    1. It should be under Opportunities or Blocking Control 🙂

  43. Godwin says:

    I really appreciate your efforts Alejandro on this Adsense. I wish we could meet. Please can you be my mentor?

    1. you’re welcome! Feel free to read this https://alejandrorioja.com/blog/best-articles/ to find my best articles on all things digital marketing!

  44. Deepak Soni says:

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    1. glad you liked it Deepak!

  45. Rajendra Kumar Singh says:

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  62. Rashed Miah says:

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  63. Huna says:

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  65. Anjana kalra says:

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  66. Aaron says:

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  67. Jamshaid says:

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  68. Desi babu says:

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  69. Kenya says:

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  71. Maooz Ahmad says:

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  72. mohamed salah says:

    hello sir, first of all thank you for your tips ,
    i need your thought about Adsense arbitrage, these niches can work will with arbitrage or not,
    and i need to know how you get images that are related to your article and if we just write the source of image this will not cause any problem with adsense, thank you in advance and excuse my broken english

  73. nouveau says:

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  75. Suranga says:

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  76. saubhagya kumar padhan says:

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  77. Ben Jamir says:

    Very well written and nicely explained. CTR, CPC,keywords, all these three terms have been confusing many bloggers like…and still does.But I liked these two lines :
    produce 15 articles that get 1000 page views (hard)
    produce 150 articles that get 100 page views (much easier)
    This appears to be doable solution for low earning blogs.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. glad you found it useful Ben!

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  79. Vicky says:

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  80. Itishree says:

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  81. manish says:

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  82. Abayomi says:

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  83. poszuki says:

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  88. Ishan Thapar says:

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    You can block ads that you don’t like, customize where they appear, and choose the types of ads that best suit your site.

  90. Rihan says:

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