My Best SEO Guide For 2020 ?

how to do seo
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  1. sarah Ember says:

    it;s nice to have all the seo info condensed in such post, really helpful guide. I will be coming back to it quite often.

    1. webtechexpertise says:

      this is a good website and very interesting article for us

    2. Great SEO Article… I wanted to become an seo expert, this is just awesome and very helpful in knowing so much about SEO. Very useful article when i read article clear the all seo issue, Search Engine Optimization is changing time to time

    3. Cricket says:

      Click the below link and watch How rank in google no 1 without any experience

    4. Inksplore says:

      Absolutely, this is the most comprehensive yet detailed guide on seo for all levels of bloggers, and that too especially about forming a strategic content. Thanks for sharing.

    5. DigiCots says:

      6 Strategic SEO Tips From the Experts to Get Massive Traffic in…
      Improve the “Almost” Posts. Andy Crestodina: Rewrite the posts that almost rank high. …
      Tap the Potential of Video. Shilpa Shah: One of the best SEO tips is quality over quantity. …
      Build Something Useful. …
      Optimize, Amplify, Distribute. …
      Maximize User Engagement. …
      Make Old Blog Posts New Again.

    6. I really appreciate you for this article, it guided me through all my site SEO tricks. Thanks

    7. techmen says:

      This is great. I was looking for a quick list of SEO tips and this hit the spot. These are easily forgotten search engine optimization tips that definitely need to be incorporated into your strategy. Excellent article.

  2. mikeconnors says:

    this guide is the best thing that I’ve seen man. Really thankful that you wrote this. I will get to it ASAP.

    1. Really appreciate the words Mike, let me know if you get stuck and definitely let me know what results you get!

  3. lke says:

    thanks for sharing all the tools. im a nwebie and just getting started on SEO optimization.

    1. I’m heavy on SEO tools because those just make life much easier.

  4. Kyra Wong says:

    why would you share all your secrets? Isn’t that hurting your business?

    1. A big part of my business is building trust with my clients. In my opinion, I can only do that once I provide real value to them. Also, I don’t necessarily see this as hurting my business but rather positioning myself as knowledgeable in the space so that people that are interested in working with me can understand my work flow.

  5. Steve says:

    Really nice post, Ale.

    1. glad you liked it bro! Share it with your network 🙂

  6. Hamjaraj says:

    Its a great post to read about SEO. Many impotent things have come over in your content. And its very easy to understand. I think this is the best seo article I ever read.
    Thanks for sharing and looking for further..

    1. thank you! Appreciate your words! I try to put the best content out there.

  7. shreelatha says:

    Hey I’m loving this, not even half way through yet. Got a question – what do you mean by “When you write your own header tags, remember that each one should modify the last. So H3 modifies the H2, and H2 modifies the H1.” I realise a heading tag is etc but I don’t get what you mean by ‘modifies’. Help? Thanks.

  8. Madhushalini says:

    Some great points in the article. I’m new to the SEO game but isn’t email outreach the best way to kickstart a SEO campaign? I mean your idea of guest blogging sounds great but i have tried it and it is super time consuming. Much easier said than done getting guest blogs on established websites when you’re a newbie.

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