How to Do Keyword Research – The Complete Guide [2020]

How to Do Keyword Research Guide
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  1. This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read , cool topic and nice explanation, wow I’d stop keyword stuffing .

    1. I really appreciate this post a lot. It’s a simple guide on how to use keywords

  2. Gaell says:

    Loved the info and explanations – clear, easy to understand. So well written I feel compelled to leave a comment. Thankyou.

  3. Neil Singh says:

    Hey bro can you guide me if i use 4-5 images in my 2000 words article can it affect SEO

  4. Hey man awesome content, I was my keyword research and then saw your blog post. While going through I saw you have founded Flux Ventures. Great MAN, you are doing a great work where newbies will learn a lot from you and those who needs any help your article will be there with lots of useful information. I also liked the way you have described not to choose the wrong keywords which are not being search or from where you will not get any traffic. I have also seen this many times people believe on their own instincts, choose keyword without doing any research and then they complaint that they are not getting any traffic. It is really important to know what will be the best for you and your blog.

  5. meenal says:

    Great !!!
    This information will be more helpful for me as i creating my own website.
    Please keep sharing such blogs.
    Thanks a lot..

  6. That’s a very well researched and useful article. I really appreciate your effort in creating these articles. I totally agree with your list for a step by step Keyword research. To add to the keyword research part, I would like to introduce Latest semantic keywords (LSI) and long tail keywords from my side. They are not only useful in getting more intentional searchers but also helps in creating topics for your next wonderful article. What do you think about it?

  7. Webzysis says:

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information. KW finder also a very handy tool for keyword research.As it shows keywords search volume and its competition level.

  8. Shreyas says:

    I have just started my blog and this article will definitely help in what points to consider while doing keyword research and optimizing blog.

    Thanks for sharing such awesome and informative content.

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