How to Contact Instagram Support 2024

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  1. teymur_takcharkh says:

    Hello to the great Instagram team. My Instagram account with the username “username” @teymur_takcharkh was deactivated for unknown reasons. I have been notified that the content of my profile violates the “Association Guidelines”. I always respect and respect the instructions of the association and the policies of Instagram. If I have unknowingly violated any instructions, I would like to apologize. Please re-evaluate the decision and help me get my Instagram account back. I need my account. Thanks to the great Instagram team


  2. teymur_takcharkh says:

    Hi big team, my Instagram page has been deactivated and changed, and I did not do anything to break your rules and I have always respected you and your rules. Please activate my account. Thanks to the great Instagram team, I need my account

  3. _zubairshaik_ says:

    I am not able to receive any verification code on my phone number
    “You must wait for 24 hours to login ” but it’s already 28 hours …please help me to get out of this

  4. katherine says:

    Most trusted and recommended of all PI/computer expert on here for the job!

  5. William says:

    “” Doris Campagna impersonates my wife. Terry Carpenter does not have instragram. I know there is nothing we can do because Doris thinks Terry Carpenter s name belongs to her. she is sick.

  6. Arthur says:

    Useless! Sorry, but don’t promote this post as an answer in 2021 when most of the steps you write about are outdated and no longer available.

  7. luis says:

    why can’t i log back into an old account. the email is locked with out with many recovery emails that i never made.

    1. Ye Dennis says:

      Th latest version of Instagram will automatically login without a password if you logged out. Don’t know what the hack of security and privacy they are talking about

  8. Jo Anne Froelich says:

    I just want to know how to give Instagram feedback on their new set-up.

  9. AV Equipment says:

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  10. Adrian K says:

    I’m having an issue with logging into my account, so when I try to log in It makes me enter a 6-digit code that was sent to my email address. I know my email address and everything, but I don’t receive the code that was supposed to be sent to my email.
    So I even went out the way and reset my password using reset password, I get that email in my inbox. I reset my password and when I try to log back in, it makes me enter the 6-digit code that was supposed to be sent to my email address. I don’t know what the issue is and there is no real way to contact instagram, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

  11. Enticing Crafts says:

    I have my business account on instagram. Instagram has restricted me to follow back my own followers and other accounts as well from the past few days. I reported 8-9 times , but they didn’t respond. I have not even crossed the following limit of 7500. I am just following 953 accounts.

  12. ana Maya says:

    Hey guys i really need some help, my instagram account was disable for no reasons, they said i that it violates any of their rules but they never explain that, I have sent many emails, on the third day of emails they answered me but then I have been sending emails for 1 week and a half and they have not responded more nor have they returned my account, some could help me ? I do not know what to do

  13. Olah Data Murah says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about s1. Regards

  14. jelabarre59 says:

    I do *not* have an Instagram account, I have NO desire to ever have one, ever. It is seriously obnoxious that IG has no way to contact them even when you think someone may be trying to fraudulently use your email. They are obviously a part of the criminal organization known as Facebook.

  15. Raglan di Bandung Murah says:

    I am really glad to read this web site posts which carries lots of usful data,
    thanks for providing these kinds of data.

  16. Simona says:

    Hi Alejandro I tried from desktop following your instruction but after typed the issue it doesn’t show the link that says report it
    Do you know how can I do it from my computer?
    I tried to recover my password but it sends the email for the recovery to an email address that is not mine…
    So I think my account was hacked
    Thanks so much for any advice you can give me

  17. Dave Jones says:

    I tried to open an account with Instagram. I entered my email address and eventually a user name that wasn’t already used (took over half an hour as just about everyhing that looks sensible is taken) then when I sent a window opened and said “something went wrong” so I tried again and now it refuses to accpet my email address as it’s been part registered. So I can’t create an account with my email address. I can’t contact Istagram without logging in to my account, which they don’t allow me to create. I feel very hurt that I’m excluded for no reason other than there system made a error. It’s so unfair and a terrible way to treat people. It’s impossible to contact them so that’s it, I’m banned before I started.

  18. SEO UK says:

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  19. Ali MMS says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Firstly I added two photos from my archive to highlight
    And than the subject of that photos was not related to others for this reason, I deleted to add to another highlight. When I deleted it’s also deleted on my Archive.
    Is there any possibility for instagram to recover this 2 photo for me.
    Best regards.

  20. Kevin says:

    I’ve tried to set up an Instagram account but no matter if I try using Facebook or various email accounts, I get this error signup message saying Sorry! There’s a problem signing you up right now. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake. Please advise.

  21. Holly says:

    My husband and I both have Facebook and Twitter accounts that we initiated, authorized, and created. Recently we have become aware that we each have Instagram accounts that neither of us initiated, authorized, or created. These accounts contain our details, pictures, and other information and materials from our Facebook and Twitter accounts. How can we terminate and delete these accounts? Please help. Trying to get any answers, assistance, or attention from any and all social media resources has been futile.

  22. Maziar says:


    I recently sent a request to help me but simple instructions didn’t solve my problem. I temporarily deactivate my account and forgot to turn off two – factor authentication and right now I want to come back to my account and I can’t sign in because it needs code. I used my backup codes and those generated by the authentication app but non of them did not work. I sent my username, password, email that I created my account, and my phone number to the Instagram support team but Nobody helped me. What should I do right now?!!!

    Please help me

    I want my account back 

  23. Tanja Brouwer says:

    I have a problem. For the second time you tell me I have an app where I have logged in with my Insta-account to gain followers. But I have deleted this app almost a month ago! Today the block expired, but immediately I got a new block.
    It is about @boardgame_review
    Please help, because the insta is for my buisiness.

  24. I have 3 business accounts with Instagram and now both my website & are being seen as spam by instagram because neither website is allowed to be added to the appropriate section in the app. I’ve been getting this Error message “œLINK NOT ALLOWED” It looks like your profile contains a link that is not allowed. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake. When I did 2 weeks ago, nothing has happened. I can’t put my site anywhere in the comments or PM’s. I hope someone can help.

  25. Mike says:

    I’ve been cloned. I’ve filled out their “impersonation” form 10 separate times using different computers and browsers. always says they can’t process.

  26. Privacy is Liberation says:

    Unfortunately, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and other types of social media platforms do not have privacy respecting customer service or a lack of customer service. They want to exploit you through advertisements because they are controlled by greedy psychos who want to spy on you for legal reasons. Which is why people have been trying to use Tumblr, Myspace, and other types of social media platforms that still have privacy respecting policies by letting you be able to use internet browser extensions that have adblockers and cookie deleters and letting you not need a phone number to be able to legitimately use your account without having an annoying message saying you are required to give out a phone number before you can use your account again.

  27. I really appreciate to writer for sharing such knowledge able article. Every person sharing his/her experience on Instagram. Can i use 2 account on one mobile?

  28. sanorahenninger says:

    Hi all, here every person is sharing such knowledge, thus it’s good to read this blog, and I used to go to see this website everyday. agen

  29. Simran jit singh says:

    My account was disabled how can i get my instagram account back please help me


    Dear Sir,

    I delete my Instagram account whit out canceling my followers. Now when i google my name it show my photo.and I think my followers are the reason. so how I can delete it?

  31. Sonuchi says:

    LMAO. I came here to see if I could find a way to reach out to Instagram to clear up this whole “auto-follow random accounts” issue I’m dealing with, but it looks like Instagram just said, “EFF IT” to support.

    Also, stop asking the blogger for help. He has no other information than what he posted. He’s not going to be able to help AND he doesn’t have direct contact with Instagram.

    All he can say (and me) is good luck, delete your account and start all over.

  32. kimberly Parten says:

    My Instagram feed won’t refresh but my stories do, why won’t my feed refresh I have tried everything and nothing is working????? Please help

  33. My name is Vishnu Kumar says:

    Meri friend ki ek nai I’d bana kar kisi ne us pe photos and screenshot or number dal diya h us I’d ka naam shaily 143 h Sir is I’d Ko block kar do place sir jisse aage koi taklif na ho

  34. indios says:

    I have the same problem as KAY. I deleted my account in order to create a professional one. But now I cannot create any because the email is supposed to be in use, if I try to reset my password it says “no user found”, and if I try to report the problem through it says:”page not found”.
    I am really puzzled and worried, because I really need to have an instagram account.
    Does anyone know how to help me?
    Thank you!!!!

  35. Kay says:

    Hello, I temporarily deactivated my account and when trying to log in it says incorrect password. I have tried contacting them several times with no replies. When I try to reset my password it says “no user found”. Does anyone know how I can get back into my account, its been a few weeks and Instagram hasn’t been any help.

  36. Geraldine Vallery says:


  37. Oanh Dang says:

    so I post or upload a story about fixing my camera setting from light to dark than out of nowhere I got a community guideline warning that my post is deleted but the post itself it a warning the next time you do this your account will be disabled or restricted. I want to know how the hell did that pop-up related to my story and how the hell does i get my account back. the main account bc i click ok over and over again but it won’t work. im still log in idk if im hacked tho

  38. Karan kumar says:

    message is not send For new people

  39. Stop says:

    The guy doesn’t work on IG, he’s just proposing ways to contact them, stop posting your drama here like he is Mark Zuckerberg , dumb people.

  40. This is really helpful! Thank you so much Ale!

    Seriously I found it so difficult to contact the support team directly because the [email protected] is not available anymore.

    I tried the one in the video and it is working.


  41. SHYAM says:


  42. Cassie says:

    Hi so for 3weeks I’ve been getting a gliche on my IG story when u I try video taping on my IG story it only videos for the first 15secs and that’s it nothing more I NO longer see the clips come up at the bottom left of my screen it’s ANNOYING cus I’ve been tryna trouble shook it and it’s the same thing

  43. Mokhtar says:

    I am truly frustrated ! I saw an Instagram page of a psycho ! He was posting videos of people committing suicide ! Of babies being hit or even thrown by an older boy ! And some disgustingly racist and terrible memes ( which are nothing compared to the babies thing )
    I felt truly sickened !! And I reported to the Instagram service in hopes of a response ! And THE MORE FRUSTRATING THING IS that they answered with the automatic response “this page does not violate our policy” .. I’m speechless

  44. Aamir says:

    My Instagram acc has been disabled so i m not able to sign up new acc please help me for this how can i take bsck my Instagram acc or sign up new acc.

  45. Daiva says:

    To whom this may concern,

    Two weeks ago on the 21st of May, my Instagram was hacked. My username was zawingag Daiwute daiwute. Also, my account matched the one I had with Facebook, Daiwute Grincevic. However, on that day my account name, email, and personal details had been altered and changed. The password was changed as did the username to victoiredolores. The individual managed to change all my personal details and even the email address. Hence login me out completely from my Instagram account.
    On Friday 31st May they changed again the username to Nathanael Fadel and the profile picture on my account. Finally today, 03/06/2019 they changed the name again to Romaine Bashirian.

    I have written and complained on numerous time to Instagram, however, nobody has yet got back to me.
    Please, could someone respond to me, as I don’t want further damage to be caused to my account and lose potential vital pictures that I had stored up? And Today 05.06.2019 I saw on my private Instagram all pictures have been deleted… Instagram still nobody reply to me. nothing. I sent them 20 times!!!
    I look forward to hearing from you,


  46. Surbhi says:

    My account got disabled 6 days ago and I have sent them numerous mails and they have asked to send my picture with a code and every time they reply with the same message saying, “It looks like your account has been disabled for violating or community guidelines, blah blah blah. If you think it was a mistake, do this blah blah”
    I have been sending requests by making changes in the gmail address but it feels like an endless loop, sending the picture and getting the same reply again and again.
    Can I get help on what I can do to get my account back asap? 🙁

    I’ve filled many forms too.

  47. Chesnee says:

    Hello. My account was disabled. I believe it was due to a recent hack. PLEASE help me recover it. I have tried contacting Instagram and haven’t heard anything back yet. I am in the middle of an urgent fundraising campaign for a pregnant mother who is taking shelter with her 14 year old son in a Chicago church. Please help me figure out how to get them to unlock the account. I’ve gone through all the steps on their website, including the picture of myself with a piece of paper and all required information. Please help me.

  48. Hey, I need to verify my instagram account with blue tick. SO please help me get right way to verify my account.

  49. Allen Gray says:

    I discovered that my account that i use to post my photography has been hacked. I have dealt with Instagram via email support for 2 days. The hacker activated two part authentication to HIS/HER phone and email. They keep sending me a link to reset the password (which works fine) but then it asks for an authorization code that is sent to the hacker. I have repeatedly explained this and they keep sending me the same solution that does not work. Also, the hacker changed the language to Spanish and they only now respond in Spanish after my numerous request for English. I would hope that Instagram employs people that are more tech savvy than those I have dealt with thus far. I’m quickly losing hope that I will get any resolution (yes, I facebooked Instagram & Mr. Mosseri). If I get no resolution, my suggestion to anyone else would be to abandoned Instagram.


    So that means posting in instagram is too risky…So somebody can easily download your picture and make a fake profile. And instagram also helping by not supporting at this kind of situation. Better post photos of trees and mountains rather than personal photos.

  51. Eveline Martinez says:

    Hi, so there’s this person who is using my pictures pretending to be me. I already messaged them 2 times asking them to take down my pictures. I also reported the account and it said that I needed a link from the picture so they can take it down but the problem is the account is private so I can’t get the link to continue the report. I tried to report it again but it won’t let me, I had to take down all my pictures because I don’t feel safe and to prevent them from using more of my pictures. Please help me.

  52. Noemy Quinones says:

    Hi Alejandro.
    I have one account I cannot connect to. I learn I had a second account I may have setup sometime ago and forgot about it. I can connect with my second account but not my first account no matter what I do. I see my account thru my 2nd account but i cannot connect. I don’t recall which email account I used for the first account.

  53. Ebony says:

    How do I delete all or mostly all of my on Instagram?

  54. Hi Alejandro,

    There is an account with the username 12thDivision and my business is 12th Division. He is not active at all so I can’t message him to ask if I could use the username. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

  55. sidharth virmani says:

    sir, please help me i need your suggestion.
    i made an instagram account with my mobile and no two factor autnentification. someone hacked it and changed the contact details and also chnaged username i was luckily able to find the username and i want to get my account back ca you help me?

    1. no, I don’t work at IG.

  56. Mike says:

    Fyi… I sent an email to the support email address you listed. An auto response came back with the following response:


    You’ve reached us at a channel that we no longer support. Please visit the Help Center to find answers to many frequently asked questions and up-to-date forms you can use to contact us:

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    The Instagram Team

    1. bummer, but thanks for the update! This article was too popular I guess, so they closed their email

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