17 Actionable White Hat SEO Techniques to Rank on Google [2020]

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  1. john bell says:

    Thanks for sharing these amazing techniques to improve SEO for a website. All your suggestions are very useful. Our edu birdy content writer team also focus on to create content with depth with right information. For better SEO it’s really important to work on your content and Website’s design also.

    1. yes content and design is king!

  2. Geekzoneguy says:

    I so love your writing style, especially the Alejandro way of doing things.
    I blog on geekzone.com.ng and I hope to learn a lot from you.

  3. Daniel E. says:

    Thank you Alejandro, I’m new to the blogging world and I love how your articles are well detailed. In bookmarking your page. Please I will also like you to look at my site and advice me on how to improve. Thanks

    1. thanks for the bookmark, Daniel. I suggest you read all these: https://alejandrorioja.com/blog/best-articles/

  4. Emma Perez says:

    Very helpful white hat SEO tips. I have really learnt a lot from your post. Thanks so much.

  5. Wow such an informative article and great to see someone young like myself doing so well.

    I am sure to implement these white hat practices into my website

  6. Sir, is SERP Stands for search engine page results or search engine ranking positions?

  7. Impala Webs says:

    Great work. I like your way of presentation. It will prove very helpful in SEO.

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