How To Download Facebook Videos To Your Computer

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  1. Worldofkodi365 says:

    How to download video from Facebook group


  2. Paul Harrison says:

    Thank you – Nice and simple and worked

  3. Richard says:

    The tutorial sounds simple enough but when I right click on a video in Facebook there is no option called “Copy video URL at current time” The only options are “Save As,” Print” or “Cast.” iMac running High Sierra.

  4. Barney Fife says:

    Without external tools In Chrome:
    1 Open the video you want in Facebook
    2 Right click anywhere on page not on the video, like in the comments. A pop-up menu will appear.
    3 Click on “Inspect”
    4 A confusing panel will appear. On the top bar, change from “Elements” to “Network”
    5 Play and pause the video
    6 You will see a new file pop up with the “Type” as “Media,” not “xhr”
    7 Right click on file “Name” (bunch of numbers) and choose “Open in new tab”
    8 New Chrome tab opens with only the video on the screen. Right click on the video and click “Save video as” on the pop up screen
    9 Save to preferred location on computer
    Easy Peasy 🙂

  5. JustaTee says:

    Thanks to Alejandro the article looks great. But I find that the website https://sfull.net/ is very easy to use. It can download Full HD 4K quality with very fast download times, through this website you can download any video from Facebook. Good luck.

  6. Ken Bui says:

    New facebook, right click on the video does not show any thing including URL at current time…
    How do you suggest?

    Thank you

  7. tanmay says:

    fbsavevideo.com is good website to download facebook videos

  8. Ankit says:

    I applied the first way and it worked. However, the downloaded video is not as good as it is on Facebook. Do you know how to improve its quality? Thanks for sharing

  9. kolkata ff says:

    best result for kolkata ff

  10. Sandy says:

    I am read the article it’s good for me thanks for this.

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  11. maria clara says:

    Thanks for the helpful info! I will recommend https://vidyono.com is a good alternative to download video from facebook.

  12. alain says:

    Here you can easily download facebook video through the web link vidyono.com – The Fast & Free way to Download Video Online from Facebook (https://vidyono.com/)

  13. adrien says:

    Here you can easily download facebook video through the web link vidyono.com – The Fast & Free way to Download Video Online from Facebook (https://vidyono.com/)

  14. Laxmikant says:

    Thanks for the helpful info! I will recommend https://getmevid.com is a good alternative.

  15. Laxmikant says:

    Thanks for helful info!, I recommend https://getmevid.com, it is a good alternative.

  16. Ytbto says:

    you can also use Ytbto for downloading youtube videos for free.

  17. Kevin says:

    You really don’t need to follow all those steps. Just change url, press play on video, right click and “save video as”

  18. sandy says:

    Here you can easily download facebook video through the web link fbvidgo.com – The Fast & Free way to Download Video Online from Facebook (https://fbvidgo.com/)

  19. condo 2 bedroom says:

    Trap Town HTC thank you! Nice music from you!

  20. selling a home says:

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  21. Andrea says:

    Grazie 1000. Funziona!!

  22. Hernan Schillaci says:

    anyway NOT to add an extension to your browser ?

  23. Kate says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m usually good with this stuff, but using “m” as a replacement for the ‘www’ is a new trick that I learnedddd nowww 🙂 SNEAKY SNEAKY! Clear instructions, and thank you for the pictures as well – a big help! 🙂

    1. glad you enjoyed the tricks!

  24. Paul says:

    Worked a treat, clear instructions much appreciated.

  25. AppsOption says:

    Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself from saying something about it. You’re doing a great job, Keep it up. This website is so informative. I really like your blog. Thanks.

  26. Raeann Wixom says:

    The article reveals some burning questions and issues which needs to be discussed and clarified.
    In addition, it is crucial to grasp within the detail.
    In the article, an individual can easily find something basic,
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    Thank you a lot!

  27. Alma says:

    Thank you, thank you!

  28. kasssie says:

    Nice post! Also look at DRmare Audio Recorder. It can help you download Facebook video to audio to your computer and you can personalize them as you like.

  29. djop says:

    Nice work! 😀
    Have you a hint for download on PC (win10) the “Stories” video & image of friends?

  30. Miranda says:

    Cool site for downloading photos and videos from Facebook getmyfb.com. Get the link which contains a video or pictures, then paste the link on the main page of our website and press “Download”. That’s it!

  31. Frank says:

    Wow! These are a lot and Good to know information. I will definitely consider using some of these. So far, I used VeryUtils YouTube Downloader. So far I don’t have any problems yet. I find it helpful want to try this one too. You can also search VeryUtils YouTube Downloader on google to download it easily.

  32. Armando says:

    Actually workkk thanks !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  33. Perfect! Worked like a charm

  34. Dawn A Bello says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  35. Chloe says:

    Thanks for the useful information. I’ve never known about FBdown.net which can be used to download Facebook videos. I will try it.

  36. Rosie says:

    I applied the first way and it worked. However, the downloaded video is not as good as it is on Facebook. Do you know how to improve its quality? Thanks for sharing

  37. Steve C says:

    Great information, worked well and was able to do what your article title suggested!

  38. Rahul Mal says:

    I found GetfVideo more useful http://getfvideo.com. It also downloads video from vimeo.

  39. Jim Simpson says:

    Very concise and helpful! Thank you so much!

  40. Joe Murphy says:

    Does not work, tried several browsers, cannot right click on the video to Save As, after following instructions.

  41. Emily Here says:

    Allavsoft also works great to download videos from facebook, vimeo, youtube etc.

  42. M says:

    Thank you. Very helpful and nice guide.

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  44. David J. Fanning says:

    Superb stuff, Mr. Rioja. You have just improved my life a little bit.

  45. Xavier42 says:

    HI Alejandro. Thanks for sharing! I’d recommend this one:https://www.fbookdownload.com/ It can be a useful alternative.

  46. Jonathan Pollock says:

    Many thanks. The fbdown.net works neatly.

  47. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the information. I have actually tried it both ways. There is a substantial reduction in video quality after the download. This is possibly due to file format transfer. It is best to watch downloaded videos in small screen. Full screen enhances the distortion.

  48. ally says:

    Thanks, Alejandro, for these great instructions. For folks like me who need a guiding hand on some of these things, simple instructions like this sure do come in handy! Very impressed w/your short bio. Keep soaring!

    1. Appreciate it ally! good luck with your kitchen blog!

  49. Linda says:

    TY so much! it used to not be so difficult! Grateful

  50. Muhammad Arif says:

    Thanks for this helpful information.

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