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7 Ways To Get Featured on Forbes, Mashable, Inc, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur and others for FREE

how to do PR marketing
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  1. Mert says:

    Great article! Very helpful and resourceful love it. Also wanted to say bought the flux chargers and they are incredible. Keep it up!

  2. chris89 says:

    just commenting for that HuffPo page lol

  3. Niel says:

    Some solid tips right there. I’ve also experienced great success with a female account

  4. Rachel Pearl says:

    This post was really helpful. I will apply it to see if I can get myself on Forbes. ?

  5. Peter says:

    the last trick with the email is actually quite cool!

  6. Rizwan says:

    Amazing! I definately need your services in coming weeks. I don’t think i got the patience to pursue.

  7. Kathy J. Littlefield says:

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  8. Patty Alsop says:

    This is unbelievable! I couldn’t imagine that this is so easy, just 6 steps to reach the goal. I wonder if any information could be featured like this. Can I post my essay in Forbes if I will follow your recommendations? I want to check it out.

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