Top SEO Tips 2018: A Step-by-Step “How-to” Guide

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  1. sarah Ember says:

    it;s nice to have all the seo info condensed in such post, really helpful guide. I will be coming back to it quite often.

      1. webtechexpertise says:

        this is a good website and very interesting article for us

    1. Great SEO Article… I wanted to become an seo expert, this is just awesome and very helpful in knowing so much about SEO. Very useful article when i read article clear the all seo issue, Search Engine Optimization is changing time to time

    2. Cricket says:

      Click the below link and watch How rank in google no 1 without any experience

  2. mikeconnors says:

    this guide is the best thing that I’ve seen man. Really thankful that you wrote this. I will get to it ASAP.

    1. Really appreciate the words Mike, let me know if you get stuck and definitely let me know what results you get!

  3. lke says:

    thanks for sharing all the tools. im a nwebie and just getting started on SEO optimization.

    1. I’m heavy on SEO tools because those just make life much easier.

  4. Kyra Wong says:

    why would you share all your secrets? Isn’t that hurting your business?

    1. A big part of my business is building trust with my clients. In my opinion, I can only do that once I provide real value to them. Also, I don’t necessarily see this as hurting my business but rather positioning myself as knowledgeable in the space so that people that are interested in working with me can understand my work flow.

  5. Steve says:

    Really nice post, Ale.

    1. glad you liked it bro! Share it with your network 🙂

  6. Hamjaraj says:

    Its a great post to read about SEO. Many impotent things have come over in your content. And its very easy to understand. I think this is the best seo article I ever read.
    Thanks for sharing and looking for further..

    1. thank you! Appreciate your words! I try to put the best content out there.

  7. shreelatha says:

    Hey I’m loving this, not even half way through yet. Got a question – what do you mean by “When you write your own header tags, remember that each one should modify the last. So H3 modifies the H2, and H2 modifies the H1.” I realise a heading tag is etc but I don’t get what you mean by ‘modifies’. Help? Thanks.

  8. Madhushalini says:

    Some great points in the article. I’m new to the SEO game but isn’t email outreach the best way to kickstart a SEO campaign? I mean your idea of guest blogging sounds great but i have tried it and it is super time consuming. Much easier said than done getting guest blogs on established websites when you’re a newbie.

  9. sheikh says:

    Alejandro Rioja,
    I think no matter how much quality work one is doing. Google Traffic is near to non and it’s getting difficult to keep investing budget in SEO.
    Really Sad…

  10. Stalin says:

    Wow!!! This is a marvelous post to read.

    According to me, it’s a short and valuable piece of information. It contains all the important pointers and must have knowledge about SEO. Also, all the insights that are covered by you plays major role in conducting successful SEO campaign.

  11. sabir khan says:

    i used all the things which is use in seo off page and on page after that my website is not coming on Google’s First page..by these Keywords – Plumbing services in Dubai, Electrical Services In Dubai, Carpentry Services In Dubai- Please suggest me now what i will do for my website… http://www.stwcsdubai.com

  12. harshan says:

    It is nice information.i have lots of off page techniques for sites,but didnt get into 1st page.what should i do?

  13. What an insightful post. Thanks a lot. Any tips you can suggest me? It appeared the SEO game has changed completely

  14. I wanted know which is best SEO or Digital marketing to achieve top rankings on major search engines.

  15. T I Antor says:

    Hey, Alejandro,
    Great strategies here. All these are really great for rank a website and get huge traffic. Optimizing for mobile responsiveness, page load speed boosting, increasing UX of a site, reduce bounce rate all these are good practice for getting the excellent result on Google. Thank you for sharing off page and on page SEO techniques along with some very useful tools.

  16. طراحی سایت says:

    These are great actionable tips or advice for someone that wants to know how to improve their SEO.

  17. Justin K. says:

    Great guide! In your opinion is Ewww Image Optimizer better than WPSmush?

  18. Obbule says:

    Nice article! I’m sure that so many people will get good results thanks to you.

  19. Anjali says:

    Brilliant article. The information I have been searching precisely. It helped me a lot, thanks. Keep coming with more such informative article. Would love to follow them.

  20. Banners Expo says:

    Good list of tips to improve traffic and ranking in 2018.

    I prefer building an email list to grow the website traffic and business.

    Thanks for doing this indepth content. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    1. yes building a list is also important. you should look at seo as an additional way to make your blog more popular.

      1. Ted Mikulski says:

        Hello Alejandro,

        I’m new to SEO and I’m not a technical person as well. Currently, I’m looking to get a website developed for my event management business. While doing the research, I have just come across to this article: https://www.blurbpointmedia.com/ultimate-internet-marketing-guide-hyperlocal-businesses-target-limited-area-region/ , it is about hyperlocal marketing! What is your take? And which ad is better for event management? Facebook ads or google adsense? Please suggest!


  21. Garry S says:

    Amazing post to learn SEO. You discussed all the important key points in a single article. Very helpful article for beginners especially, Thanks for sharing.

  22. Soni Bharti says:

    All point are helpful. Thank admin. I like this post and also agree to share it.

  23. kevin says:

    wow, wowowowoowowow. this post is pure gold, thanks ale!

  24. zilabazar says:

    nice information regarding seo

  25. Really a promising guideline. The strategies you shared really going to be help in 2018 as well. As I m running a blog, I will surely implement those strategies one by one. But I have a question, normally how long it takes to index all my pages on google? (already submitted on google webmaster tool)

    1. about a week or so. I suggest you use Yoast SEO (with comes with sitemap submission) on WordPress

  26. Doronize says:

    I was thinking you will show us how you to your blog to where it is with your seo skills, because I want to do SEO for my cryptocurrency blog

  27. Excellent article!
    covering tip to toe of the SEO!
    helpful tips for both biggners as well as professionals.
    Helped me i an great way.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Your tips and tricks are reliable enough to make anybody a pro at it!

  29. Nacy says:

    All point are helpful. Thank admin. I like this post and also agree to share it.

  30. Akshat Kumar says:

    That’s really a very good post. Great and best SEO tips. Informative and concise.
    SEO is a fast-paced and forever changing industry and keeping an eye on every small tip is important.
    This tips will greatly help to get more traffic to websites.

    Thanks for this wonderfully informative post.

    1. glad you liked it! let’s goooo

  31. Luis Rojas Alves says:

    I’m very happy with these SEO tips! You did a great job explaining all the basics and I was able to follow everything you showed us. I definitely enjoyed it

    1. thanks for your comment, I like it!

  32. This is a great guide, thanks for sharing. Keyword research is really important and also, already more than 50% of searches are done via mobile devices, and this number will only continue to grow. Mobile search has grown so much, there has been a lot of talk about starting to rank websites by their mobile version, instead of the desktop one.

    1. yes, mobile is here to stay. I suggest you use AMP if you haven’t already https://www.ampproject.org/

  33. This is an awesome guide. Hope it will help all people around the world.


    1. yes, I hope so too. I will be translating it into multiple languages soon!

  34. Alex says:

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  35. seman says:

    oh how nice article. we want regular post from you.

  36. Crystal Tech Solution says:

    Very interesting article for reading and it is providing genuine tips about seo work. Keep it up.

    1. glad you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share it!

  37. Moki-Moki says:

    What a great and motivating article about the importance of SEO. It helps to take care of these details if you take advantage of a SEO plugin.

    There are several SEO plugins out there. The most popular ones being Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Pack. The drawback with these SEO plugin giants is that they want you to pay for premium features that are very useful.

    As the solution, I would like to point out a new, light-weight SEO plugin Poor Man’s WordPress SEO (https://wordpress.org/plugins/poor-mans-wp-seo/). It contains all the features a basic WordPress site owner could as for and new ones are being developed all the time.

    As said, the plugin is completely free and released under GPLv3 in the same manner as WordPress we all love. 😉

    1. looks like a nice plugin, thanks for the plug!

  38. michael says:

    This is the first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I amazed with the analysis you made to create this particular post incredible.

  39. Hosein says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing this article we are trying to do this changes in our seo way for our website ::https://paverzz.com

    I hope see a clear change …

  40. Emma Perez says:

    Its really an educative and informative post on learning SEO stuff. I found it useful and just bookmarked for further reference when I need to learn some stuff about SEO. Thanks a lot.

  41. This is the first time in a LONG time that I have read an entire blog from start to finish. Thanks for the great post and tips

  42. Arinze says:

    Yet another fascinating blog post. I really learnt from your techniques. I hope it will work for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. Mike says:

    Your method is solid. You take a lot of what people should know and apply it to the future with new tricks and strategies that have already been proven to work. I am going to bookmark this page and take notes. A lot of information regarding SEO has changed with Google’s changes so it is best to stay ahead of the trends!

  44. I’m very happy with these SEO tips! You did a great job explaining all the basics and I was able to follow everything you showed us. I am So happy With this article

  45. Meera Gupta says:

    Very informative tips. Itis very useful for the website owners as it starts from the basics. Thanks a lot.

  46. SEO Still works with Backlinks. And of course Powerfull links. I’m always using Majestic SEO and much concern about TF. Becuase TF gives you a real power juice of your backlinks. Thanks for your detailed post RIOJA 🙂

  47. Pawan says:

    Such a wonderful post with a clear-cut explanation to rank on search engines.
    These days many are struggling to rank where this article of yours can help them a lot I guess.
    Thanks a ton for this piece of golden information.

  48. Jamel says:

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  49. roshni says:

    Content is the king anywhere. I agree with every point. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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